Laporta reiterates that Barca is Messi’s home

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Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona Still repeating the same words unchanged that the team is ready to welcome Lionel Messi back to embrace again after this season.

         The Argentine international star is out of contract with Paris Saint-Germain. after this season from the moment you stepped out “Chao Boonthum” in 2021 has always been linked to the old home.

         Celebrity journalist Fabricio Romano spoke with Laporta via Sport, where the chairman hinted at the return of the ufabet club icon.

         When asked about Messi returning to the camp Again, Laporta said: “Messi will return to Barca in 2023? Leo knows Barcelona has always been his home.

         “During the summer we planned and achieved all the objectives we set. We have a very competitive team with more substitutes than last season.”

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Messi joined PSG as a free agent from Barcelona in 2021 on a two-year deal which expires in the summer of 2023. Laporta has confirmed Barca will look for new recruits when the winter transfer window opens, but he is not sure whether they will have the funds to complete any big-money deals. “We’re thinking of improving the squad, as always. But it won’t be easy to find stronger players in January,” he added. “We’re gonna have problems with Financial Fair Play as we’re no longer in the Champions League.”