James Solberg Band
Tour Calendar
"James Solberg is liquid
nitro in an open container
on a runaway train."
.......Don Wilcock
"...Solberg has the pipes to hang with the best
of them, barking out snappy up-beat R&B
shaped blues riffs or getting down and dirty on
some sharp gospel jams.
Solberg also has the
crisp power-funk blues guitar with a bite. A
smooth, creamy bite that is crisp and sharp,
yet leaves no aftertaste."


"...Michelle Wilson and Smokin'Joe Kubeck
put on wonderful shows on Saturday night,
but it was
James Solberg, who got the crowd
smiling for the first time since Tuesday,
9-11.....Solberg managed to do what hadn't
been done all week. He made the Blues 2001
crowd smile.
Solberg's playing lifted our
spirits and fed our souls. And for that, we will
always be amazed and grateful."
James Solberg appearing
July 27, 2016 at Rip Rap
Road House in Dayton
Ohio - special event! The
Nighthawks will be
joining him to release the
Rip Rap Road House
Boogie. Don't miss this
opportunity to appear on
video as a drone captures
the live performance!
James rarely accepts engagements!

If you get the chance to see him
perform......don't miss it!