Two time W.C. HANDY AWARD winner, JAMES
SOLBERG takes his vast experience singin’ and playin’
the blues all over this world and applies it to
contemporary issues as we can all relate to them, in
“JAMES SOLBERG, one of the blues world’s guitar greats, has toured
and recorded with a “who’s who” of the blues. Soulful and full of
emotion, SOLBERG plays with a frightening intensity. His gritty,
gutsy vocals are powerful and his guitar playing is explosive, pulling
fiery riffs straight from Hades one minute and slinging notes soaring
up to the heavens the next.”
…………………….Anne Mathey, CITYVIEW
“I think he’s one of the greatest natural guitarists I’ve ever heard.”
……………..Richard Skelly, GOLDMINE
“Snarling guitar work, and killer vocals from what has got to be one
of the best bluesmen working on the scene today!”
…………...Leon McEntire, DELTA PICKIN’S
Enter into James’ REAL TIME and
experience the span of human emotions
through his hard rocking, soul saving, IT’
S ALRIGHT. Followed up by the title
track,  REAL TME, about the all too
frequent need today, to find some “REAL
“SECONDHAND SMOKE” takes us into
the realm of duplicity that everyone finds
has invaded their lives. Just when you
think you’ve heard everything, James
slips into a hard-driving minor-key blues,
a style he’s become famous for, HAVE
explores life’s continuing surprises.
James closes this disc with GOTTA PLAY
MY BLUES, a personal statement
regarding the state of the blues today and
his commitment to the genre that started
it all…………
"The Hand You're Dealt" (Ruf 1043)
It just keeps gettin' better.  This musical
spread of the cards brings you into
Solberg's personal reading through soul,
gospel, funk and his own brand of rockin'
blues.  Bringing in a full deck of Memphis
musicians and backing vocals, this release
is rich and soulful, grabbing deep, yet
sending you dancing on the card table at
the next turn.  Including 6 of 12 originals,
Solberg continues to play guitar with a
clear, intense, dynamic energy and sing
with a gritty shout or a sweet and soulful
ring.  Go out and be a witness!
"L.A. Blues" (Ruf
James Solberg's first release
after Luther Allison's death in
1997.  L.A. Blues is a
cathartic tribute album
conveying his suffering, loss
and anguish.  Though honoring
the passing of a deep
friendship and musical
soulmate,  L.A. Blues (with 8
of 10  originals) is also mixed
with fiery blues and rockin'
humor to send you through the
highs and lows of true emotion
"One Of These Days" (Ruf 1076)
An outstanding collection of R&B,
soul and a variety of out and out
blues. Along with 6 originals, this
release features Charlie Bingham as
guitar collaborator and co-writer of 4
of the 13 songs.  Together James and
Charlie pump out powerful stringing
along with James' ability to captivate
with poignant songwriting and clever
arrangements.  The Memphis Horns
and soulful backing vocals fatten the
sound on half of the album and bring it
on home.
"See That My Grave Is Kept
This is James Solberg's 1995 solo
debut, while still playing as Luther
Allison's guitarist, bandleader,
songwriter, arranger and producer. A
12 song set includes rockin' blues,
shuffles and ballads on 4 originals and
covers by the likes of Blind Lemon
Jefferson, Little Walter, Junior Wells,
Buddy Guy and others.  With a soulful
guitar and a first rate band, here is an
impressive straight-ahead blues album
delivered with unique variety.
More of James Solberg's talent can
be appreciated  on Luther Allison's
hit releases........
Pay It Forward (Ruf 1060)
Soul Fixin Man (Alligator)
Blue Streak (Ruf 7712)
Reckless (Ruf 1012)
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